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croque monsieur

the grilled cheese’s fancy French cousin

quiche lorraine

bacon & egg

quiche au thon

tuna, red onion, tomatoes & cheese

quiche aux champignons

organic oyster mushrooms from Smallhold farms, green onions & cheese | vegetarian

samoussa aux légumes

potatoes, grilled onions, red bell peppers & jalapeños | vegan

samoussa aux bœuf

ground beef, grilled onions, red bell peppers & jalapeños

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born in France, made in Austin

french comfort food

in the heart of Texas

tue. - fri. | 9a - 2p

Ghostline Kitchens

3400 Comsouth Dr

Austin, TX 78744

sat. | 9a - 1p

Barton Creek Farmers Market

2901 S Capital of Texas Hwy

Austin, TX 78746

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