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born in France, made in Austin

Paris 13 paints a beautiful canvas of colorful flavors that will put a smile on your face at every bite. Serving the best in French comfort food favorites, we provide an authentic culinary experience through simple yet bold flavors that everyone can enjoy.

We are a family of French-Hmong immigrants that found a home in Central Texas, and we are proud to provide a delicious eating experience to our community. Paris 13 is the culmination of over 25 years of experience in International cuisine, channeled through our appreciation for traditional French food.

For us comfort food is home away from home, and we would love to have you as our guest!

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[beef or vegan] creole-style savory pastry inspired by the French Island of Reunion**


[lorraine or tuna]  savory tart on a flaky homemade crust. buttery heaven

hachis parmentier

layers of beef, potatoes, and cheese in perfect harmony*

blanquette de poulet

nothing more comforting than chicken cooked in a creamy sauce*

salade piémontaise

this potato salad might be the only thing Italians and French agree on**

croque monsieur

the grilled cheese’s fancy French cousin*

* make it vegetarian | ** make it vegan

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petite madeleine

deliciously delicate buttery sponge cake


it's pronounced [krep]

mousse au chocolat

delicious & light
the ultimate way to end a meal

petit gâteau

mouthwatering little chocolate cake with a gooey center
keeps the sweet tooth away

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barton creek farmers' market

food goes fast, order ahead to reserve yours

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we speak your love language

have Paris 13 at your next dinner, pop-up or corporate event


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