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order minimum: 4 people or more

orders over $75 eligible for delivery with a minimum fee of $15 for the Austin area


[beef or vegetables] creole-style savory pastry inspired by the French Island of Reunion**


[lorraine, tuna, or mushrooms]  savory tart on a flaky homemade crust. buttery heaven

hachis parmentier

layers of beef, potatoes, and cheese in perfect harmony*

blanquette de poulet

nothing more comforting than chicken cooked in a creamy sauce*

salade piémontaise

this potato salad might be the only thing Italians and French agree on**

croque monsieur

the grilled cheese’s fancy French cousin*

* make it vegetarian | ** make it vegan


petite madeleine

deliciously delicate buttery sponge cake


it's pronounced [krep]

mousse au chocolat

delicious & light
the ultimate way to end a meal

petit gâteau

mouthwatering little chocolate cake with a gooey center
keeps the sweet tooth away

we speak your love language

have Paris 13 at your next gathering, pop-up or corporate event

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